How To Improve Customer Experience In Online Return Process

Does a customer want to return an item? Damn him! One might think that this is the attitude of many online stores if you look at their return procedures.

Returns are an unavoidable part of selling online. In the short run, they may indicate extra costs. However, how do you handle the return procedure that can also impact if consumers return or suggest your online store to friends?

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For that reason, customer fulfillment with the return procedure is necessary and must be thought about when creating the total customer experience.

Online Return Process – How To Improve Customer Experience?

The return process should be convenient, fast, versatile, and cost-free. Is it challenging for you as a company? Absolutely. Difficult to execute? Here I discuss a few important points on how to improve customer experience on online returns.

Simple Return Procedure But Understandable

Mary (Like a customer) purchased several products from a fashion platform – SHEIN. Most of them fit well except a shirt that didn’t fit well and a set of trousers that she doesn’t like.

Mary didn’t check out the return policies (Here is Shein returns) before she bought, but more than happy to find them put as a link next to her order history. The return policies are easy to understand and reveal a detailed visual description of how to return the products and some examples of when it is possible to return products and when not.

Know The Return Reason And Optimize Your Services

Mary is requested the Online returns reason upon verifying that she wants to return the selected items. Understanding the return factors enables you as a business to enhance your procedures. For instance, if clients regularly purchase the wrong size, extra assistance on how to pick the best size on the product information page might reduce your returns.

Create Options For Customer To Choose Between “Click & Recollect”

Mary goes into that she purchased the incorrect size for the tee-shirt. On selection, the system immediately recommends the nearby shop with the sizes offered based upon her postcode and the accessibilities kept in the system, along with a brief introduction of the benefits such as being able to try it on immediately.

Return By Using Digital System

As the store is fairly close but not in a location she often goes to, Mary selects to return by post. Thankfully the system permits her to print out the return label once again or send it to her mobile phone as a QR-code, as she currently tossed the provided return label.

Mary picks to download the QR-Code, and the logistics service provider scans the QR-Code and prints out the return label. Some logistics service providers, such as Hermes, currently provide this service.

In contrast, other services like Shyp will pick up the items for return, safely package them and send them with the best-priced carrier; all handled through its mobile app.

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Keep The Customer On Touch Within Return Period

Mary is kept updated on return status by automatic notices, such as when the return was accepted, and the cash was returned, or the exchange product was sent. She has complete openness, and the company has additional opportunities to deepen the customer relationship and cross-sell and up-sell other products.


For an extended period, returns have been seen as a required evil. But they also provide the chance to deliver remarkable customer experience and even deepen your customer relationship, while getting essential insights about your services and products.

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