ZIP N RIP: A Revolutionary Zipper Alternatives

The zipper is one of the fascinating inventions ever made by mankind. This device has great importance in the fashion industry when it comes to fastening clothing and other items.

The zipper has tremendously transformed everything from fashion to sporting items to camping gear and luggage. The zipper not only makes it convenient to fasten various items but also make it easier for people with injuries and disabilities to use the items.

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Without this device, it would be so difficult to use baggage, clothing, footwear, sporting goods, and other items that require to be fasten closed.

The problem with traditional zippers is that they tend to jam or get broken easily. Besides, they are difficult to use for people with injuries, disabilities, children, and the elderly. Conventional zippers are generally hard to operate as compared to modern fastening devices.

Revolutionary Zipper Alternatives

They also bring losses as you are forced to throw away your items due to broken zippers. Luckily, there’s a new product that has been developed to make it easy to fasten zippers.

The revolutionary ZIP N RIP is a device designed to be an alternative zipper. This device is made out of hook and loop and designed to make it easy to align and close hook and loop fasteners.

With ZIP N RIP, you’ll no longer experience frustrations with jammed or broken zippers, and you’ll never have to throw away your favorite items again. This device aligns with one motion and with one hand.

This makes it much more convenient than conventional zippers, which cannot be used with one hand. ZIP N RIP was designed to improve the way items like baggage, clothing, shoes, and sporting goods are fastened closed.

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One of the main advantages of ZIP N RIP is that it works in a simple manner. You don’t need any learning to know how to use this device. You simply place the two sides of the zipper together with one hand and pull the slider to fasten your item. The fasteners will align and close hook and loop fasteners when you pull the slider.

The following are other advantages of ZIP N RIP:

  • ZIP N RIP is designed to be used with one hand. Unlike conventional zippers, you can use one hand to operate this device; hence it makes for an ideal product for people with injuries and those with disabilities.
  • It is a versatile device, as it can be used on a wide variety of items, from baggage to clothing to sporting equipment and shoes.
  • It does not jam or fail, meaning you’ll no longer experience the frustrations typical with conventional zippers.
  • The device is expertly designed to make it easy to use for children, the elderly, and just about anyone looking for a simple fastening device. There’s no learning curve, and you’ll instinctively know how to use the device.
  • It’s affordable as compared to traditional zippers.
  • Simple to sew on clothing, luggage, shoes, and other items.

ZIP N RIP is a simple fastening device, yet so revolutionary. Try this device and enjoy the convenience it provides.


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