7 Things You Should Do For Clothing Rack with Shelves to Succeed

Do you find your wardrobe all cluttered in a few months after organizing it? There are certain things you can do so that you only take a few minutes to arrange it.

 #1. Arrange Your Clothes by Category

 A quick and easy way to organize a clothing rack is to sift all your clothes and separate them into a category like; pants, skirts, dresses, undergarments, tops, and outerwear. It is easier to compare clothes that are similar as this will enable you to see clothes you don’t need.

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#2. Make Clothes Visible

Your clothes can be so tightly packed together in drawers or cupboards even you end up forgetting some clothes you own. The only solution to this is decongesting your wardrobe by getting rid of many clothes as possible.

You can do this by sorting all your clothes one by one and keeping those that you really need and also love. You can also get rid of clothes that are hard to wear because maybe they require ironing all the time.

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#3. Colour Code Your Wardrobe

Organizing your clothes according to colour may appear complicated but, it is effortless picking the outfit. Keeping clothes that almost resemble in colour together makes it helpful in selecting clothes. The website bolun-rack.com provides outstanding collection to choose your desired clothing rack.

#4. Look For What You Consider Sentimental

It is good not to hoard clothes on the shelves since you consider them sentimental. Those clothes you can transform those into something new instead of them gathering dust in the closet without being worn. You can also donate them to give them a new life with somebody else.

#5. Have a Holiday Shelve

Create a holiday shelve where you put all the clothes that you wear during the holiday when going on a trip. Clothes like; bikini, hats, and sandals that you only wear a few days in a year when it’s very sunny can be kept on one shelve. You can choose the topmost shelve that you don’t see all the time.

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#6. Keep Occasional Wear Separately

Same as the holiday clothes, clothes that are worn occasionally should also be stored separately from a daily wardrobe. It is also good to keep them on the upper shelves that you don’t use on a daily basis. Make sure you store them properly to avoid damage since you only wear them once a year.

#7. Protect Your Clothes

After clearing the closets, it is good to wash the drawers and shelves with natural cleaners and then add moth protection. Wire hangers are not as good as they misshape the clothes. Also, avoid heavy hooks like wood which takes a lot of space.


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