Find a Conflict Free diamond for your Ethical Engagement Ring

If you are a morally conscious consumer who is planning your proposal with a diamond engagement ring and want to ensure your loose stone is conflict free then do your homework: learn about the diamond supply chain and understand your best options so you can make a sound and informed decision.

The first articles to look for are those which are written by jewellery professionals involved in the process of sourcing polished diamonds and gemstones and who possess the firsthand knowledge and expertise needed to educate the public. Information on the provenance of a diamond best aids in selecting a perfect conflict free diamond for your Ethical Engagement Ring to celebrate your lifetime event.

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Understanding CONFLICT-FREE Diamonds

According to many sources in the diamond industry, like the GIA (gemological Institute of America) and RJC (Responsible Jewelry Council) – 99% of all polished diamonds in the diamond marketplace are conflict free today, thanks to the Kimberley Process Certification (KP), a system established by the combined effort of the diamond industry, governmental coalitions, and non-governmental bodies to prevent blood diamonds from entering the diamond supply chain.

However, nothing is perfect and unfortunately, in the secretive world of diamonds, sometimes the systems error. A good example of this is the circulation Zimbabwean diamonds from the Marange region which has saturated the global diamond market lately while evidently being connected to war crimes, torture, and human rights violation.

These blood diamonds are still illegally exported to certain cutting and polishing facilities in India and then sold as conflict free diamonds thereby damaging and threatening to delegitimize legitimate diamond suppliers.

That’s why some other original key supporters of the Kimberley process, like Martin Rapaport, founder of the RapNet online Diamond trading network and Global Witness, strongly oppose the KP certification, calling for its dissolution while advocating for fair-trade jewelry.

Diamond Producing Countries for Conflict-Free diamonds

Canada, Botswana, South Africa, Russia, and Australia are the biggest diamond producers and suppliers of conflict free diamonds. These countries are in compliance with internationally accepted and recognized environmental and humanitarian standards. Their rough diamonds have no connections to war crimes, terror or torture and are mined responsibly under supervision of their governments and local communities.

Legal mining of rough diamonds represents a very important step in the supply chain process of Diamonds.

Understanding the Diamond Supply Chain

We live in a global world with a versatile market which allows us to buy things from around the world in a context involving competitive prices. Each loose diamond purchased for your Ethical Engagement ring will be somehow connected to the Diamond Supply chain, the process of transforming the rough material into final cut and polished diamond.

The biggest challenge here is transparency, such that, the information allowing you to trace and track your diamond to the mining country of origin and its provenance depends on the transparency with which the diamond market operates.

Find Your Perfect Certified Conflict-Free Diamonds

When you start shopping around for your best suitable loose diamond consider buying certified diamonds, diamonds graded by well-known and recognized gemological labs like GIA. Traditionally, North America diamonds are graded and assessed in accordance with the Diamond 4Cs (carat, cut, color and clarity), an internationally recognized and accepted grading system. Each graded diamond comes with a written lab grading report stating the most important diamond characteristics and certifying its value.

Since the current Kimberley process is not perfect and has not been free of criticism from the diamond industry’s leaders, considering the Fifth C for Conflict free diamond will be wise because it will allow for putting oneself on the safe side.

Diamonds With Provenance

What aids the most in selecting ethical diamonds if not its provenance? Learn more about ethically sourced Canadian diamonds and their best in the world mining practices. You will find that in comparison to other countries and their diamonds, Canadian diamonds have the special feature of being included in a market that allows for them to be traceable from their diamond mine to jewellery retailers, laser inscribed and coming with Canadian Certificates of Authenticity.

It is because of these features that Canadian diamonds are the most sought after stones by jewellery designers and luxury jewellery retailers in the ethical fair trade jewelry sector and are therefore your best-certified conflict free diamonds with provenance.

To follow suit and to acknowledge the demand for a Fifth C, in April of 2019 the GIA introduced their new GIA Diamond Origin Report service for identifying the country of origin of your polished diamond.

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Support Local Business and Your Local Community

Buy your diamond from local Jewellery professionals who are continuously involved in the learning process and who stay current on the latest trends, who know of the various diamond treatments and enhancements reported on in the industry news. Normally, these service providers are regulated members of professional organizations with strict codes of ethics and obligations which allow them to follow the trade’s best practices and standards.

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