Easy & Perfect Nails with Blikka

There are not many diverging opinions about accessories, the basic direction is clear: having the right accessories makes or breaks any outfit. With the right little additions, even a rather plain outfit can easily become an absolute eye-catcher, as our eyes are trained to quickly recognize such small elements.

Women can choose from a variety of different accessories. The selection does not stop at handbags, belts or (the immense variety of) shoes: Rings, necklaces, watches, glasses, bracelets, shawls, earrings, etc., all help turn simple outfits into something very special.

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Nails should be paid special attention, as the hands of a woman are her business card in any (new) encounter. Especially in nail design, many new opportunities for women have emerged in recent years to set new accents in their style. Nail wraps (Nagelfolien in German) are super thin and self-adhesive foils, which are glued directly to the nails.

The high variety, clarity, and depth of the designs give women the opportunity to reinvent their nails every day. Many different designs make nail designs a new and versatile It-accessory without women sinking sums of money and time into visits to nail salons.

The young brand Blikka is at the forefront of nail design and trendsetters. Blikka offers on https://blikka.de/ a wide assortment of different styles or designs for all sorts of occasions: be it a party, an official event, the normal office routine, shopping with girlfriends or chilling on the beach.

The bestsellers (https://blikka.de/products/categories/top-seller/) provide a nice overview of the different designs: from plain to glitter, from abstract forms and patterns to flower designs, from dots to tartan, cute, golden, sparkling, etc.

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Particularly noteworthy is the fact that the portfolio is constantly being expanded, so that the customers have more variety and new possibilities to set accents with their nails.

But not only is the design a clear advantage of nail wraps. In fact, the application is a breeze: clean the nail, place the foils on one’s nail and done. No waiting, no blowing, no smearing, no re-application, just place it and ready to go. The foils are very thin, so they will not stick out or make the nail appear thick and clunky, but super rugged and long-lasting without splintering or peeling off nail polish.

So a real alternative for nail polish in everyday life and for expensive nail salons anyway. With Blikka the nails fit perfectly to the outfit. Every day. Look better, feel better. Easy said and now so easily done.


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