Remove Sewn-in Hair Extensions – Takedown Tool-E is the Easy & Safe Way!

Sewn in weaves can be a real pain to take out. Now there is a safe way to remove these weaves. The Takedown Tool-E can take the weave out without a problem. It is safe and effective at removing weaves that have been sewn in. This tool can take out the extensions without a problem.

Takedown Tool-E – How does it Work?

The Takedown Tool-E has special features that allow it to remove sewn in extensions without the danger of a razor or other sharp blade. The tool will not damage the hair while it removing the extension.

The inspiration for the Tool-E came from looking at the break of a hawk. The tools will grip the extension and remove it instantly. There is no pain and the hair will not be ripped. It is much safer than scissors.

With one swift motion, the wave will be removed. With one simple motion, the weave will be out in no time. There is no pulling or tugging on the hair.

This is the tool, Takedown Tool-E is easy to use and it helps you to save time, also you can avoid the cost of having your hair stylist take your hair out for you. Good quality tools make you more effective when use it, and then the Takedown Tool-E is better.

This tool is designed to fit into the hand and will be able to move the hair in less time. It will only take a matter of seconds to have the hair extension out. Since this tool does not take long to remove the extension the hairdresser can see more clients and work with less frustration on stubborn weaves and extensions.

This is a better way to do hair. The Tool-E is the perfect shape and size to remove the extension. It has the correct level of sharpness so that it can remove the extension quickly while still being safe.

Key Features of the Tool-E

  • The tool will take less time to remove the extension.
  • There is the correct level of sharpness.
  • The tool will reduce friction making it safer to use than other methods.
  • The safe and efficient removal of hair extensions.
  • The tool is the correct size and uses the exact level of sharpness needed.
  • The hairdresser can remove extensions quickly and see more clients.


The Takedown Tool-E will allow the hairdresser to remove an extension quickly and easily. The Tool-E is safer to use than sharp razors and blades. This tool is comfortable to hold and the unique design is like nothing else on the market. It can be used to remove the extension in a safe manner and will not pull or tug on the natural hair.


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