Embroidered Patches – For Rank, Achievement & More

Embroidered patches can now be customized in so many ways. In sports, for example, patches show the teams logo as well as the name.

Likewise in a school setting, students were uniform – branded with the school name and logo. Other fields that utilize customized embroidered patches include pilots, nurses, military officers, and company officials.

Embroidered Patches – How it Works?

Basically, embroidered patches are a perfect representation of a company, organization, department or even a brand. The best thing is that these patches can simply embodied on any garment, by use of common tactics such as sewing.

Even so, some companies utilize Velcro attachments which are detachable. This makes it easy to fix and detach from a garment.

In early ages, embroidered patches were only reserved for the high and mighty including the rich and royal only. The patches were only won on the sash of a noble in a bid to set them apart from the common people.

In so doing, the patches could spell both social and status standings of an individual. This however cannot be said today.

You can easily make a patch for your own workers and make them stand out from the rest, show rank or even show their achievements to others. This goes a long way to boost morale among employees.

Ways to Make Embroidered Patches:

There are different ways to make embroidered patches. They include:

Iron-on Patches

This is the easiest and quickest way to attach a patch on your garment. The best way is that you can give these patches as gifts as a show of achievement to your workers or students.

Felt Sew-On Patches

Just as the name suggests, this style requires you to sew the patch on a piece of fabric. Due to this, you do not need to make a lot of work on the finishing edge.


The embroidered patch is a great way to label or market yourself. If you need to market your brand, you can simply use patches to market it. Additional, patches are perfect pieces to display achievements and boost self-esteem.


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