4 Smart Tips To Look Your Best In A Tuxedo

Are you someone who is confused between wearing a suit or a tuxedo for a wedding night?

If answered yes, then you need to fret as there are solutions for you. If you wish to keep it simple and naive, you can consider wearing a suit but if you want to add that special look to yourself, then it is certainly better to wear a tuxedo.

Suits are usually worn even in office meetings and business trips; hence there’s nothing much special about them. Instead, if you wear a tuxedo to the wedding night, you have to make sure that you’ve dressed perfectly with it.

Only wearing a tuxedo won’t be enough for you as you have to keep some more vital things in mind, without which your look might get spoiled. Have a look at some such points.

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4 Smart Tips For Best Look In A Tuxedo

Choose The Best Neckwear

There are a lot of functions that will allow a bow tie or a long tie. But if you really want to get the best out of your tuxedo, wear a bow tie, irrespective of any suggestion that you get from your friends or family members.

Actually, when you’re wearing a sophisticated tuxedo, technically the most appropriate neckwear to wear is a bowtie. And now that you know that you have to wear a bowtie, take that extra step to learn to tie yourself.

Remember that a tuxedo with a bow tie is always classy but with a self-made bow tie, it will make you look like Bond!

Choose The Right Shirt

First things should come first and when you’ve chosen your tuxedo, make sure you always wear a white shirt with it. Black shirts will never help you achieve that masculine effect of a white shirt underneath a black tux. One more consideration is the collar.

Both wing-tip collared shirts and turn down collar shirts are pretty common but with your tux, a turn-down collared shirt will do best. For creating the best impact, pair your black tuxedo with a white turn-down collar shirt.

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The Cufflinks And The Studs

Majority of the tuxedo shirts are easily fastened with regular buttons and they can easily be fitted with cufflinks and studs.

If you want to show people that you care about your dress, you should opt for studs and cufflinks. In order to experiment, you can also get a fun set to personalize and go for a little flair.

Smart Tips To Look Your Best In A Tuxedo 2

The Appropriate Waist Coverings

As long as the waist coverings are concerned, the options that you have are cummerbund, vest or nothing. Turn a deaf ear to the people who tell you that you don’t need waist coverings.

Waist coverings usually cover the awkward crunching of the shirt where it tucks into the trousers. In fact, these are necessary.


Hence, as long as tuxedos are concerned, you can take into account the above-mentioned points. By taking care of the small details, you will end up looking your smashing best in a tuxedo.


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