9 Tips On Buying Cool T-Shirts Online For Summer

Did you know that you could end up paying more when you buy branded t-shirts online from an unreliable website?

This is not all. You would want your buy to be an intelligent one, especially online where it is easier for them to make you wear the fool’s hat (topi pehenadiya) than a good quality t-shirt! Here are some cool new tips to ensure that you are making an intelligent purchase for your fashion.

9 Tips For Intelligent T-Shirt Buys Online

When we say intelligent, we not only mean the price, but also the quality, look, and etiquette.

Even as a man, presentation with the help of a wardrobe does matter a lot when it comes to first impressions, whether you are a creative copywriter at an ad agency or a software engineer at a multi-national IT company.

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Don’t Get Too Funny With The Quotes

We know that people love smart and witty quotes on their t-shirts but often when we buy witty quotes online, we might end up wearing things that may be inappropriate in public or even offensive to some.

While it is cool to be yourself, it might not be cool to hurt another’s sentiments this summer.

Size Matters

It often happens that the size of t-shirts, even with the XL or L tag, can vary from one brand to another, since the measurements may not be the same. Make sure you check the measurement details rather than going by the size tag before you place an order.

Even if the online store for t-shirts allows exchanges, avoid the hassle and delays caused by incorrect sizes by taking being careful at the time of buying.

Judge The Weather In Your City

If you are living in a place that experiences a lot of dry heat and the sun is scorching, full-length t-shirts are a good idea, even in summer, because the protect the skin against direct exposure to the harmful UV rays.

Also, if you are living in the more humid parts of the country, you would want some air circulation, so it is recommended to get a size larger than your regular size when buying t-shirts online.

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Importance Of The Fabric

T-shirts need not always be made of cotton. You have to check the fabric, especially if you are buying a sports brand, because they are often made of smooth but mixed fabric.

Wear Pastel Shades

We know that the colours men choose to wear can make or break their image. But since you would not want to attract the heat of the crazy summer in India, avoid wearing dark shades at least at the day time. Pastel shades look great on men and they can be anything from cream to a sky-blue t-shirt.


Polo Neck T-shirts

When you buy t-shirts online, you fill find that polo neck t-shirts are not as expensive as they used to be, even for moderately good brands or even sports brands.

They are a lot more comfortable in summer and are perfect for casual Fridays at the work place.

T-shirts with Little Maintenance

Some t-shirts often shrink after the first wash and may have some hassles otherwise when it comes to laundry. Avoid buying such t-shirts online.

Even if your mother or wife does your laundry or you have a weekly date with your washing machine, you would want the least hassles in all cases.

Check For Prices

It often happens that you end up paying more when buying t-shirts online. Even if you cannot check the prices, it is a good idea to check for discounts and combo deals that are often available on the leading shopping websites when you buy t-shirts online.

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Coupons, Coupons And Coupons

There are a lot of websites that offer discount coupons. Look for them, as they can give you great bargains


Finally, ensure that the general shopping features of the website, such as the payment methods and delivery, are reliable when you want to buy t-shirts online.


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