Super Cute Accessories For Your Flower Girl

On your wedding you want everything to be perfect. The dress, the venue, catering, floral decoration, and the music. You also want everyone who is important to you to be there and celebrate the day with you, even the youngest ones.

As they are the most adorable guests, you will want to give them special attention, making boys ring bearers, and turning the girls into little basket girl princesses.

And what to do to really make them shine on their way to the aisle? Let’s see how you can turn a little flower girl into a real princess for a day.

Accessories For Your Flower Girl – Make it Super Cute!

Floral Headpiece

These have become a must-have festival fashion item a couple of years ago, and they have been so popular that girls have started wearing them on a daily basis. Many brides today decide to wear it instead of a veil, but it is certainly an obligatory accessory for your flower girl.

You can make it as colorful as you can because that is probably what the little girl would want, but you can also match the flowers that she will wear on her head with the petals that she will be scattering while walking down the aisle, or with the centerpieces, you had picked out.


Diamonds are girl’s best friends, so why not teach these young ladies how to wear them from an early age?

However, be careful who you are giving this extremely valuable piece of jewelry to, as kids tend to run around and play at weddings, so you can always choose to go with some other necklaces and bracelets.

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Those might not be as valuable, but little girls will certainly love them more, as they tend to be more colorful, and in interesting shapes and designs that can really pop and suit her young looks.

Floral Basket

First and the most important element is, of course, getting her e.g. the most beautiful Stellina’s flower girl flower basket that will match her lovely dress or the rest of accessories. You can get a small wooden basket, and paint it in any color, and even put a few bows on it.

Recently, people have even started using less conventional things instead of baskets, like buckets and some that they have made themselves, with messages or quotes written on them.

Super Cute Accessories For Your Flower Girl

Just a Little Bit of Makeup

Even though they might be too young, there are makeup products that are designed just for them and occasions like this. Just be careful that you do not overdo it, because she is only a little girl with a beautiful face, and all you want to is to make her look absolutely adorable.

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That you can do with just a little bit of blush on her cheeks, and a stylish lip-gloss that matches her dress or the accessories that she is wearing, and that is it. She will look simple, natural, and yet elegant young lady.


So you see that with just a few fashion items, and a little bit of makeup you can make your flower girl look delightful, charming all of your guests, maybe even make some of the most emotional ones shed a couple of happy tears, while you are waiting to take a walk to the love of your life.


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