Designing Cutest Nail Arts of All Time

If you were a professional nail artist you will be able to do all kinds of cute nail designs. But since you are a beginner there are many ideas for you to begin. You would love the easy designs if you are a beginner.

Nail art just don’t mean to paint your nail and then double coat it, it requires efforts and hard work. And this kind of nail design will be there for you no matter what kind of event is there.

Designing Cutest Nail Arts – Very Easy Way!

Following are some easy nail art designs that you can perform easily …

Polka Dots:

These are easiest and the cutest nail designs. They appear to be difficult but are very easy to do. All you need is two nail colours and something with a pointy end like a bobby pin, toothpick or needle.

  • First of all you have to apply the base colour and then apply outer coat to it and then to leave it till it gets dry.
  • Then, a pointy object, dip it into the nail colour to make polka dots.
  • Cover with a glass coat.

Nail Stickers Or Strips

Nail stickers are available at all stores now. They come into cute nail designs and are very simple for beginners. Moreover they have a large variety of colours and designs all you have to do are to just place them on your nail.

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Designing Cutest Nail Arts

Crackle or Magnetic Nail Art


  1. You can buy a bottle of nail art at your nearest store. The two most famous are the crackle and magnetic nail polish.
  2. You just have to apply two coats of polish for the magnetic and have to make sure that second coat is a little thicker.
  3. Hold that magnet they give you and hold it close to the nail polish without touching it.
  4. Hold it for minimum 10 seconds.
  5. Watch eye-catching nail art and wait till it gets dry, then apply a top coat.


  1. Apply a base coat colour, choose the colours correctly.
  2. Apply the next coat and let it dry.
  3. Then apply a very thin layer of crackle polish, it will began to crack in front of you. Don’t apply very thin coat it will harm the polish.


The newest craze is of using matte polish on the regular nail polish. You will get a matte finishing instead of a glossy one. It looks so awesome and pretty when you use black polish.

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Mix & Match

If you are a beginner and don’t have time to draw and design, the best thing for you will be to mix and match. You could try fluorescent colours doing this.

Mood Nail Polish

It is a very new trend and is very helpful for the beginners. It is carried by only a few companies. The basic point is that they change according to your mood.

Caviar Nails

This is probably the best trend are no doubt the cutest nail design.

  1. You should consider doing this outside because it can get a little messy.
  2. You have to paint your nails with two coats.
  3. Then you have to dip your finger inside the container of tiny balls. Then press them on the nail and it will secure it from falling off.
  4. Wait for 15- 20 minutes and your nails will be textured.


Another easy and fun is to use fake press ons. They are ready to go designs which are going to flaunt on every occasion as they can be matched with any kind of attire and colour.


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