How To Choose The Right Bikini According To Your Body Type

No matter the kind of bikini you like, some bikinis have specific cuts and features that will suit your body the best. However, with the plenty of options to choose from, selecting the right bikini according to your body type can be confusing. The body of women is categorized into various shapes.

We have an hourglass, pear shape, apple, straight and even oval. Before choosing a bikini, it is good to know your body shape first. Here is a guide to help you select the best bikini for your specific body type. If your body is;

Pear Shaped

If your body is pear-shaped, you should choose a bikini that draws more attention to your upper body. You can achieve this by selecting a bikini that has a brightly colored top. Also, striped tops will make your bust appear larger. For your bottom part, choose solid colors with a darker shade. That will prevent your shape to look unsteady.

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Plus Size

Plus-size people should choose a bikini that has bright colors in the areas they want to emphasize. For the areas you want to conceal, consider choosing darker colors.

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Small Chest

The best bikini for a person with small a small chest is one that has ruffles or embellishments. That helps in giving an illusion of a more massive chest.

Broad Shoulders

For a woman with broad shoulders, you can balance out your body by choosing a bikini that is solid colored. Having printed panels along the side is an added advantage. It gives you an hourglass figure.

No Curves

Having no curves is not an excuse not to rock that breathtaking bikini. You only have to select one that enhances your upper and lower bottom. To create a larger bust look, select padded tops. You can also choose a bikini with horizontal stripes or one with raffles. For a larger bottom look, choose a bikini with belts or skirts.

Love Handles

Most people do not like their love handles. However, concealing the bulge is pretty much more comfortable. Choose a bikini with a high-waisted bottom. To prevent a muffin top, ensure that it extends above your belly button.

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Short Legs

If you want your short legs to appear longer, go for a bikini with high cuts in the leg. Exposing more skin on your legs will make them look longer. If you are brave enough to wear a thong, it has an optimum lengthening potential.


These are some of the tips that can help you select the best bikini according to your body type. By knowing your body type, choosing a bikini that suits you is very easy.


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