How Effective are Bee Suits?

A beekeeper cannot work with insects without special protection. Therefore, special clothing or any masked protective clothing is a mandatory attribute of every bee farm owner. Of course, like any element of the wardrobe, the beekeeper’s costume should be not only safe but also quality made and comfortable.

Fortunately, the beekeeping market offers a large selection of protective suits. But, which is better to choose from, what the beekeeping outfit consists of, and what features it has, we will try to answer all those questions, as well as which is the best sting proof bee suit.

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The beekeeping suit has the undoubted advantage of being able to choose the right one to match the individual preferences, as they say, for every taste and color. Beekeeping overalls, jackets, gloves, masks – these are all components of protective clothing.

But its features include the following points: durable protective overalls protect against attack by bees; often a person has to work in the rain so that beekeeping overalls have water repellent properties; thanks to the bottom layer of fabric, beekeepers overalls allow the skin to breathe; when a fire spark is struck, the fabric for protective clothing is safe, and this is very important, as the beekeeper often uses the smoker for his work.

Every beekeeper can choose any type of protective clothing to work with. However, it is difficult to work with bees without a special mask and often gloves. Whether it’s a one-piece jumpsuit or just a protective jacket and mask, every bee owner decides what suits him the best. We will just present to your attention to the standard version of the complete piece of clothing and what may be included in the list of its components.

Bee suits are mostly single cuts, with a zipper, located in front. The beekeeper’s suit is sewn from durable canvas fabric, double-winged, and already has a mesh protective mask. Its appearance and cutting depend only on the model of the equipment itself.

To ensure a good fit of the garment to the body, insert an elastic band into the overalls along the waistline. So, the bee cannot come under the cover and sting the beekeeper. And this is good not only for beekeepers but also for the insect itself because if a bee stings, it dies.

Beekeepers’ mandatory dressing also includes a special mask on their face. The classic front grille is certainly familiar to many. Usually sewn from colorful canvas, in a circle, and looking in front of the cover of the mask with a black grid, it looks like a veil.

However, the famous face grille is, in fact, a mosquito net. To protect against attack by bees, a veil with larger cells must be worn. In addition to the standard veil, you can also buy a face protection metal net. It is round and square. Also very popular are topless nets, which are attached to a special hat.

The hat is an integral part, which is included in the beekeeper’s suit. As a rule, it is sewn from the sanding belt and the net is sewn to the cap. Why use the chintz type of fabric? Well, this fabric is very lightweight, so the beekeeper takes care of his wardens comfortably during summer work.

There are also special gloves for working with bees. They are sewn in soft leather or synthetic material and have a long bracelet with a rubber band. Many beekeepers say that it is uncomfortable to work in gloves like this, but at times when the bees are active, they are simply necessary.

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Also, special handling gloves are suitable for handling insects and bee products. If there are none, then in extreme cases, you can use the usual chores, for example, gloves to do the dishes or ones you use to work in the garden.

The best sting proof bee suit must have a protective hood. And, if you need to wash your bee suit, you must be able to unbutton it easily. Clothing for the beekeeper must be made of natural cloth – of one hundred percent cotton; the reliable fixation of the sleeves must be ensured by the rubber on the wrists, and it also must have an elastic band in the lumbar region.


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