How to Choose the Best Sneakers in Thailand

Whether you are planning to jog or just walk around in Thailand, you would need a good sneaker to feel comfortable and enjoy the beautiful sights around you.

Most cities in Thailand, especially Bangkok comes with well-structured streets and wide pedestrian paths so you would not want to spoil an amazing experience because of a bad choice of sneakers.

Best Sneaker Thailand – How to Choose

Here a few tips to help you choose the best sneakers:

Decide on the main purpose of the sneakers

Most persons have multiple shoes that they use on different occasions. It is likely you have that stylish shoe you wear to only grand events and the comfy yet formal shoe you wear to work.

For sneakers, if it would be mainly for walking and running then you should go for a sneaker that is lightweight and flexible. This would give you good support and at the same time not make your feet go sore fast.

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Visit several stores before making a choice

You might be a lazy shopper but if you are looking to get the best sneakers in Thailand, you should not limit your search to just one store. If you do that, you might end up settling for what is available instead of what you really need. You would also have a chance to compare the price, brand, and quality.

Don’t shun local brands/stores

While international sneaker brands like Adidas and Nike are very popular in Thailand, you should not neglect locally made ones. If you are looking more for comfort and durability instead of keeping in line with trends, then you should check out local stores.

Some of the best sneakers can be found in street shops and markets in Thailand. In the end, you will be getting a cheaper deal if a high cost is one of your major concerns.

Be certain about your size

There is nothing as terrible as having a shoe in the wrong size. So, when on the lookout to choose the best sneaker Thailand, you should not just pick one up because it has your regular size on it as shoe sizing charts vary according to country and company specifications.

Make sure you try it on and that it fits properly. Your toes should not be cramped up and if you wear socks frequently, you should be wearing it while trying on the sneaker to ensure it will not be too tight.


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