Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge is growing into an adorable, well-behaved child. Her love for the camera is noticeable as she is often seen giving a royal wave to the adorable crowds while smiling.

2018 was not only an exciting year for Princess Charlotte but one full of unforgettable memories. Foremost, she became a big sister due to the birth of her baby brother Princess Louis.

This remarkable moment made the Duke of Cambridge take both Prince George and Princess Charlotte to the hospital to visit their new brother as well as the mother.

In May the same year, she became a bridesmaid at her uncle’s wedding Prince Harry, where she stole the show as usual by waving at the affectionate crowd.

Though, 2019 seems to be holding more thrilling experiences for the princess. The three-year-old will be starting primary school and is expected to join Thomas’s Battersea in September 2019.

The same school her brother is attending as well as her cousin Maud. Notably, this will be a significant change in her life as she will be venturing into a big world.

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The Little Princess has been attending Willcocks Nursery School in west London. The school is only a 12 minutes’ walk from the Royal Albert Hall.

However, Princess Charlotte might not attend the same school as her brother. Willcocks Nursery has listed useful links to parents for schools that are suitable for their children.

Thomas’ Battersea as well as other schools like Kensington Prep, Pembridge Hall and The Harrodian, Knightsbridge are listed. Hence it is possible that adorable little princess might attend one of these schools.

Despite the two siblings being close, it is known that the two siblings did not study the same nursery schools. The princess brother attended Westacre Montessori School in Nursey, a type of school that gives emphasizes to independence and freedom.

While she is attending a more traditional school, that emphasizes good manners and maintaining its more beliefs.

2017 ended on high notch when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made it public that the little princess would be attending Nursery school in London in 2018.

The awaiting fans were surprised by a photo of her first day of school in Willcocks Nursery. Similarly, we are eagerly waiting for her first day at primary school; we are sure that her parents will release a photo.

They did the same thing with Prince George, and we hope to be surprised by this year photo of her first day of school.

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge has returned to school this month along with her five-year-old brother. The daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton will still study at her current Nursery school even in the second term.

Even though we are yet to know the exact school she will be attending in 2019, it is known as a royal that she will receive not only high-quality education but also of the highest standard.

As she grows her toddler years will be over, and she will be having many duties including being a big sister. We believe that she will successfully manage her roles and still maintain her love for her fans.

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