Coronavirus: KN95 mask, PPE, Coronavirus Test Kit

With China’s success in controlling the coronavirus, Every country governments are encouraging people to wear masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, so everyone is buying masks, especially Chinese standard KN95 masks, now the KN95 are very scarce.

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KN95 is a very high standard personal protective mask in China, it can also achieve 95% dustproof efficiency, which is exactly the same as N95 in the United States and FFP2 in Europe.

With the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the production of N95 and FFP2 standard masks are very scarce. And the KN95 masks produced in China fully comply with the N95 and FFP2 standards in terms of filtration performance and quality, just the certification system is different in each country.

According to the latest news report, the US government has approved China KN95 standard masks and allowed them to import the KN95 face mask from China.

The European Union also recognizes Chinese standard KN95 masks. And we had sent hundreds of thousands of KN95 face masks to many countries of the world. Please do not doubt or hesitate anymore. This coronavirus is very contagious.

The face mask is very effective in preventing aerosols and droplets from entering our respiratory tract, thus preventing the spread of this virus. It is a reliable personal protective measure. First of all, when you go out, do not touch anything direct use your hands.

It is a good idea to wear disposable gloves to go outside. Of course, it is necessary to wash your hands when you go back home or the office after going out. This way can reduce the risk of infection.

We provide not only masks but also personal protective equipment such as coronavirus test kits and forehead infrared guns as well as disposable protective clothing.

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We can supply about 5000-10000 pieces KN95 face masks every day, and we can also order children KN95 masks suitable for your child. It’s time to buy KN95 masks, protect yourself and your family. We accept individual orders and wholesale orders, please contact us.


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